The Chonga Girls Launch Blog On Cristina


Spanish TV’s top-rated talk show El Show


de Cristina features the Chonga Girls as

 they launch their blog and announce TV



MIAMI, FL January 21, 2009 – It’s an exciting new moment for Hispanic-American culture and a new generation of bicultural celebrities is bringing fun and creativity to music, TV, fashion and the Internet.


At the forefront are the 19-year-old actresses/writers Mimi Dávila and Laura Di Lorenzo, aka the Chonga Girls, who in the last 18 months have gone from YouTube sensations with over 4.5 million views to nationwide popularizers of the youthful Latina chonga lifestyle.


Now, El Show de Cristina, Spanish TV’s No. 1 talk show with 4 million viewers in the U.S. alone, is featuring the Chonga Girls. Titled “Llegaron Las Chongas” (The Chongas are Here), this one-hour episode of Cristina airs at 10 p.m. ET, Monday, January 26, on Univisión.


Co-hosted by Cuban-American sensation, rapper Pitbull, this episode features the girls cataloguing the chonga outlook on life, singing their viral online hit “Chongalicious,” and announcing upcoming projects. Viewers will also get to see how, thanks to the Chonga Girls, chonga fashion and lingo have caught fire, spreading from South Florida to cities across the United States.


The Chonga Girls are more than just lucky YouTube stars. They’re bicultural talents and standout students who’ve used their intellectual and creative gifts to spotlight a culture that’s been hiding in plain sight.


As the Chonga Girls introduce themselves to millions of new viewers on El Show de Cristina, they’re launching a blog at that showcases their acerbically funny chonga take on pop culture and their never-boring lives. Plus, they’ll be appearing in comedy sketches on MTV Tr3s as the Chonga Girls and other characters.


Teaming up with the Chonga Girls on all their multimedia endeavors is the management team at UNO Entertainment.


UNO Entertainment draws on a wealth of major-TV network, major-label and major-internet marketing experience to help its artists excel in the do-it-yourself, technologically driven entertainment industry of the 2000s.


The Chonga Girls Blog goes LIVE on January 26 and expands the talented duos growing online fan base that includes Chonga Girls Myspace, Chonga Girls Youtube, Chonga Girls Facebook and Chonga Girls UNO.


About UNO Entertainment:

UNO Entertainment creates and produces entertainment properties that launch and are distributed on multiple media platforms – online, TV, film, music, mobile and consumer products. UNO targets the General Market with English-language Hispanic themed content and products at a time when an exploding generation of Hispanic-Americans are emerging as a force that is affecting music, television, movies, fashion, advertising, slang and just about everything else in American pop culture.


Magda Mena

UNO Entertainment

Tel: 305.321.6857

Fax: 305.285.5546

Photo Credit: Ivylise Simones






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